Electronic Theatre’s mission is to bring people together through shared play. We are developing a groundbreaking immersive group experience that will launch later this year. Joining our team offers an incredible opportunity to join an entrepreneurial startup at a defining moment in its history – the public launch!

Our Values

1. Continuous improvement
View problems as opportunities. Make things better tomorrow than they are today.

2. Lead by example
Treat company resources like your own. Push for high standards.

3. Teamwork
Work together to meet the needs of our customers. Don’t stand by and let others fail.

4. Disagree and commit
Debate is healthy, but consensus is not always practical or desirable. Once a decision has been made, get behind it.

5. Enjoy the journey
Take work adventures seriously, but not yourself. Celebrate success.

Open roles

We are currently hiring for the following roles:

Marketing Manager

Maketing Associate

Duty Manager

FOH Assistant