What is the age suitability?

The experience is for ages 8years +.  Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. There must be at least one adult per LightBox.


How do I get to the Electronic Theatre? 

We are located at Arch 3, 83 Scoresby Street SE1 0XN​.  Nearest tube is Southwark (3mins) and Waterloo (10mins). 


Are there any physical requirements?

You will be moving around your adventure pod as the controller of the game, however our games aren’t too physical and all contained in one pod.  


What should I wear?

Please wear sensible footwear; flat shoes or trainers.  No open toes or heels. We advise one layer, you may get warm. 


How long will it take?

Our adventures come in two lengths. ‘Mini’ Adventures are approx 30 minutes long, ‘Full’ Adventures are 60 minutes . Please arrive 10 minutes before your allocated start time.


Will I be put with other groups?

We are on a mission to bring people together, so if you want to join with other groups, we’re happy to accommodate if there is room- the more, the merrier! You won’t be put in with another group if you don’t want to. A Family ticket guarantees exclusive use of a LightBox.


Can I store my stuff?

We have lockers for small bags and coats, however we do not accept suitcases, large backpacks or bikes inside our unit. Please seek alternative arrangements for storing such items. 


Can I bring my phone with me?

We aren’t going to take your phone off you- remember to tag us when you post! Consider leaving your phone in a locker, and losing yourself in the Adventure!


Can I take a drink with me? 

No drinks are allowed in the pod


I don’t want to participate, can I watch?

Unfortunately there isn’t space to watch your friends/family. 


I am pregnant, can I play?

Congratulations! Yes you can play if you’re pregnant, but you know your own body best. You will be playing with other people so there is a risk of a knock or a bump. We advise you approach at your own caution.


If I have a disability or access requirements can I still take part in the games?

Most disabilities and access requirements can be accommodated but we want to make sure the games are safe for everyone, so if you’re not sure, get in touch before booking and we can help you figure it out. Contact us at help@electronictheatre.com


Is there food and drink available?

There is no food / drink at Electronic Theatre, however there are some great establishments nearby for some post Adventure refuelling! 


Is drunkenness tolerated?

No. Electronic Theatre has a zero tolerance on intoxication.  Any adventurers who are considered to be acting inappropriately or to be intoxicated will be refused entry to the site or may be asked to leave.


My question isn’t listed here

If your question hasn’t been listed here, please email:  help@electronictheatre.com