Our Story

Electronic Theatre story

Electronic Theatre is the new business venture from Will Dean and David Spindler. Will previously founded the global mud-run Tough Mudder, which brought people together through shared physical experience. At Electronic Theatre we are on a mission to bring people together through shared play. In an age where many people worry that technology is driving us apart, we wanted to use technology to build something tos remind us how much we have in common.

We set out to build a new type of video game; a video game for people (like us) that don’t normally play video games. We built something that allows you to step into a game – not just play it on a screen. We designed it to be for anyone and everyone: groups of friends, work mates and families, really any group that wants to be social and have fun together. Our immersive adventures are designed to take you on a shared journey, together.

This is not a virtual reality experience: you don’t have to wear a clunky helmet or have sensors strapped to your arms and legs. We aren’t promising a new hyper-realistic pretend world. What we are is fun in real life: an immersive experience that you can enjoy while still being able to see your friends. We use interactive projection mapping (a form of augmented reality) to create a dynamic and interactive environment where you and your teammates must work together to achieve a common goal.

Electronic Theatre was founded on the belief that play is about much more than just having fun. When children play, they play with purpose; it’s how they learn and grow. At its best, play develops new skills, builds confidence and resilience and makes us healthier and happier. Shared play has the power to bring us together and remind us what is important in life and what it means to be human.

The Founders

Will Dean
Co-Founder & CEO
Will Dean is a Co-Founder of Electronic Theatre and the Founder of Tough Mudder Inc. Dean came up with the idea for a series of military obstacle course challenges while completing his MBA at Harvard Business School. Since launching in 2010, Tough Mudder has attracted more than three million participants worldwide and generates annual global revenues in excess of $100m. In 2017, Dean was made an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his charitable contributions to sport. He chairs the advisory group for the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Bristol University, his undergraduate alma mater. He lives in London with his wife and two children.
David Spindler
David Spindler is a Co-Founder of Electronic Theatre. Previously, David founded Tough Mudder Bootcamp - the studio fitness concept of Tough Mudder Inc. David joined Tough Mudder in 2012, leading Strategy and Marketing teams. He built growth projects and new business initiatives ranging from after-parties to Global Mudder marketing events. Prior to Tough Mudder, David was a Consultant at Bain and Company in London, Zurich and Johannesburg. David graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in Philosophy and Economics. He lives in London with his partner and their son.