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What the press have said about us:

Sarah Butler, The Guardian; Dec-24, 2019

Tough Mudder co-founder gets 9m for Electronic Theatre gaming venture

Jonathan Ford, Financial Times; Dec-9, 2019

Will Dean: Tough Mudder experience spurs teamwork

AV Technology, Europe; Dec 2019.

Making screen time social with Electronic Theatre

Rob Le Mare, The Evening Standard; Oct-17, 2019

Tough Mudder Founder launches Immersive Video Game Experience in London

Peter Evans, The Sunday Times; Oct-13, 2019

Tough Mudder founder Will Dean dives into new game venture with Electronic Theatre

Paul Sawyers, Venture Beat, Oct-18, 2019

Electronic Theatre brings immersive group gaming to physical rooms

The Nudge; Oct-14, 2019

Interactive Arcade Gaming Upgraded [paywall]